Resources to consult

Interested in learning more about the events depicted in the Tenochtitlan Trilogy? There are wealth of resources available to interested parties, and I have listed below the ones I found most helpful. Keep in mind that not all these sources agree with each other and it is important for readers to critically engage with numerous sources to gain a holistic understanding of any historical event. Every now and then I add new sources to the list so please don’t consider this list definitive or complete.

Primary Sources

Chimalpahin’s Conquest

Bernal Díaz’s True History of the Conquest of New Spain

Anthony Padgen’s annotated Letters from Mexico

Cabeza de Vaca’s La Relacion

Kevin Siepel’s Conquistador Voices

Bartolomé de Las Casas’ In Defense of the Indians

Miguel León-Portilla’s Broken Spears

Codex Azcatitlan

Codex Borgia

Codex Laud

Codex Mendoza

Florentine Codex

Amber Brian, Bradley Benton, and Pablo García Loaeza’s The Native Conquistador: Alva Ixtlilxochitl’s Account of the Conquest of New Spain

Lienzo de Tlaxcala

Codex Cozcatzin

Codex Fejérváry-Mayer

Tovar Codex

Cases’ A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies

Thomas Nicolas’ English translation “The Pleasant Historie of the Conquest of the Weast India, Now Called New Spayne”

Secondary Sources

Camilla Townsend’s Malintzin’s Choices

Matthew Restall’s Seven Myths of the Spanish Conquest

Manuel Aguilar-Moreno’s Handbook to Life in the Aztec World

Angela Herren Rajagopalan’s Reading Between the Lines: An Indigenous Account of Conquest on the Missing Folios of Codex Azcatitlan

Buddy Levy’s Conquistador

Donald E. Chipman’s Moctezuma’s Children: Aztec Royalty under Spanish Rule, 1520–1700

Charles C. Mann’s 1493

Ronald Wright’s Stolen Continents: The New World Through Indian Eyes Since 1492

Hugh Thomas’ Conquest

José Luis Rojas’Tenochtitlan

2007 University of Oklahoma Press’ Indian Conquistadors

Stephen Greenblatt’s New World Encounters

Henry Kamen’s Empire

John Schwaller and Helen Nader’s The First Letter from New Spain

Ross Hassig’s Mexico and the Spanish Conquest

Inga Clendinnen’s Aztecs: An Interpretation

Matthew Wills The Mexica Didn’t Believe the Conquistadors Were Gods

Thelma D. Sullivan’s English translation of Nahuatl Proverbs, Conundrums, and Metaphors, Collected By Sahagun

Marcy Norton’s Tasting Empire: Chocolate and the European Internalization of Mesoamerican Aesthetics

Manuel Aguilar-Moreno’s Aztec Architecture – Part 1

Thelma D. Sullivan’s The Arms and Insignia of the Mexica

Agustín Palacios’ (Dis)Claiming Mestizofilia: Chicana/os Disarticulating Euromestizaje

Michael Lopez’s A History of the Women of Mexico and Their Agency: Goddesses, Queens, Translators, and Nuns

Frederick A. Ober’s Hernando Cortés, The Conqueror of Mexico

Kathleen Ann Myers’ In the Shadow of Cortés, Conversations Along the Route of Conquest

Camilla Townsend’s The Fifth Sun

C. Harvey Gardiner’s “Naval Power in the Conquest of Mexico”

Al Sandine’s Deadly Baggage: What Cortes Brought to Mexico and How It Destroyed the Aztec Civilization

Lane F. Fargher, Richard E. Blanton and Verenice Y. Heredia Espinoza’s “Egalitarian Ideology And Political Power In Prehispanic Central Mexico: The Case Of Tlaxcallan

Short articles, podcasts, and videos

Flashpoint’s History “Reconquista Podcast,”

Our Fake History’s “Did the Aztecs Think Cortés Was a God, Part Two,”

“Weapon Masters – Atlatl vs Steel Armor,”

BBC’s “Mexico City’s Underground World”,

NPR’s Aztec ‘Tower Of Skulls’ Reveals Women, Children Were Sacrificed,

Reuter’s “Gold bar found beneath Mexico City street was part of Moctezuma’s treasure,”

NPR’s “500 Years Later, The Spanish Conquest Of Mexico Is Still Being Debated,”

Science Magazine’s “It wasn’t just Greece: Archaeologists Find Early Democratic Societies in the Americas,”

Erin Facer’s “Food fight: How a community in Mexico used food to resist the Aztec empire”

Gizmodo’s “Hear the Aztec ‘Death Whistle’ That Mystified Scientists | Sound Mysteries”

Archaeology’s “600-Year-Old Foundations Unearthed in Mexicapan”

Smithsonian Magazine’s “14th-Century Steam Bath Found in Mexico City”

Harvard Gazette’s “The archaeology of plaque (yes, plaque)”

Gonzalo M. Sanchez’s “Did Emperor Moctezuma II’s Head Injury and Subsequent Death Hasten the Fall of the Aztec Nation?”

Matthew Restall’s “The Murder of Moctezuma”

Pictures from Vera Cruz state

View from atop Quiahuiztlan
Main pyramid at Cempoala
Main hill at Quiahuiztlan
Tombs of Quiahuitzlan

Pictures from CDMX

Sun stone
Sacred receptacle

Sacred receptacle
Skull rack
Ruins of Templo Mayor